Review My Room Case Study

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Founded by Nadia Alarakhia, Review My Room is a hotel review management service that makes it easy to review hotel responses, build an online reputation, create more positive reviews, and improve rankings.


Alarakhia had worked previously with the Asian American Hotel Owners Association as a vendor before COVID-19.

However, when COVID-19 struck it hit the hospitality industry pretty hard. 

“I wanted to take a step back from becoming a vendor partner and just seek out other methods of marketing,” she explained. “I have another business where I help hotels, other small businesses and political campaigns and things like that with social media marketing so it was just an avenue that I’ve wanted to try.”

Although Alarakhia is experienced with Facebook Ads Manager, she felt that she needed help with her strategy to ensure her ads were hitting the right audience.

“I think the biggest challenge that I’ve ever faced and might still face is targeting the wrong audience. I’ve set up a couple of conversion ads but I didn’t get any leads, so the whole purpose of me doing this now is to get leads and visibility for my brand, and if I can’t get that then I’m doing something wrong.”

Alarakhia explained that when she would run ads as a political consultant a lot of her ads got rejected which resulted in her having to go through the lengthy process of verification.

“On top of that, the metrics are very hard to understand. What is a good cost per lead? What should I be doing differently? What should my headline be? It’s just a little too confusing.” she said.


Knowing that she wanted to pivot to social media marketing, Alarakhia was introduced to AdPuzl during the beta launch.

AdPuzl is a tool that makes it easy for anyone to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in minutes.

“What I liked about AdPuzl is that it’s just so easy. When I used Facebook Ads Manager, they don’t really give you recommendations on what is the best media to use,” she said. 

“The whole [AdPuzl] process is pretty straightforward and hooking it up was really easy to do. You don’t get that option in Facebook Ads Manager because you have to go through a few pages to get there. But [AdPuzl] keeps you focused on what you need to do to get your ad running, which is what I like.”

– Nadia Alarakhia, Founder at Review My Room

Within AdPuzl’s platform, there are helpful tooltips throughout that guide the user through the process.

“I learned that after my strategy session with an AdPuzl team member that I was probably overthinking my audience a little bit too much. So I chose one or two interests, instead of five or six of them,” she explained. “I am pretty happy with that and I think that just having a new tool that is simple and clean to use helps me simplify the process.”

Alarakhia pointed out that the tooltips within AdPuzl were incredibly helpful as well as the integrated stock images.

“It took me about five minutes to set up so that was really good because it would take me about thirty minutes in [Facebook Ads Manager], and then setting up the audiences was really easy,” said Alarakhia.  “I really like [AdPuzl] because it keeps you focused on what you need to get your ad running and that removes a lot of stress.”

If you’re having a difficult time with your social media marketing or it’s too complex and you don’t have the bandwidth or resources or the budget to hire a marketing agency, try AdPuzl free for 7 days!

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